Tonight we bum, for tomorrow we travel!

Oh hai. Tomorrow i’m leaving for France, but this is how I look right now

Looking comfortable right? I’m going to remember this right about at the moment when I cannot get my neck to bend at the right angle around the window or when I realize my torso is STILL to long to make sleeping on the tray table work, and i’m definitely going to remember this when my legs fall asleep and I have to limp from the plane because of my swollen ankles.

To be honest about time I am leaving. After multiple hiccups in the road and what seemed like endless burning hoops to jump through, flight changes, school changes, and constant plan changes I am leaving!

I am so excited to start my new chapter of adventure / seeing / and creating. I’m so excited to see how much Graphic Design work changes, I know it is inevitable. I am so excited to come to the realization for why i’m not ending up in Holland and why, apparently I’m heading to the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany on March 8th! Wish me luck!


Bon Voyage / Gute Reise / Safe Travels


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