St. Vincent / Merci very much.

After buying tickets I headed out with friends to l’Alhambra to see St. Vincent play. This was hands down the best performance I have ever seen. Reason one: Annie Clark is absolutely gorgeous out and in real life. Her voice has no flaws.

She has something that is intriguingly awkward about her which clearly gives her a curious aura that attracts people to her and her music. Throughout the show she would always say to the audience “Merci very much”, and I mean, come on add to your cutest even more please.

Towards the end of the night she literally threw herself into the crowd (no one was prepared for this and we though it was a man down situation for a bit). We were still mesmerized by St. Vincent throughout our broccoli fediccini that Emma made us at her apartment after the show.

Today Michelle and i took a stereotypical tour of Paris today which included buying Macaroons at Ladurée on L’avenue des Champs-Élysées and eating them at the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve never had one before and had no idea what I should expect but I didn’t expect them to be soft. Soft they were and also to-die-for…. except for the Rose Petal flavor, steer clear of those bad boys unless you like the taste of shampoo.

Michelle bought the macaroons in honor of my 23rd Birthday present. Winner of the best present goes to her!

Merci very much mon ami!


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