Work is always in the same sentence as Bauhaus.

Willkommen to the Bauhaus!












This past week we finally started our semester at the Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar. The way course schedules are set up are a thing to master and I am still working on getting use to it. First of all the work load is so drastically different from MCAD and from what i’m use too. At MCAD it is not unusual to have to “pick” which one of your classes you are going to give up on in order to do well in another. It is also pretty standard to witness students crying over projects and ample amounts of stress. I kind of feel like the approach to success is “bang-out-as-much-as-you-can-in-the-shortest-amount-of-time-and-when-the-class-is-over-fix-things-if-you-want-to-fix-them” but here at the Bauhaus its a 180 degree difference. Instead of taking 4 or 5 classes you take around 3. You are allowed 1 Projekt, 1 Fachkurs, and 1 seminar. The week before classes start you attend a meeting where your professors present their projekts, show and tell-like and from there you make your “informed” decision. The next day you write on a course sheet what project and what fachkurs you would like to take (you pick your top 3). Here is the kicker… the professors pick you. Writing “Erasmus” up on the corner of mine kind of was easy way to get what I wanted 😉

So the projekt is the main… well project, that you work on the entire semester. I am taking Music, Technology, & Design. Basically we are looking for the “amen break” of design in music. This is so interesting because I’ve never designed for or with music in mind. So our first assignment this week was a really fun way to start out the semester. We had to quickly design a LP cover for a fake album. By hitting the “random article” button on wiki you get your band name (Linguistics Argument is my bands name), then you go to and by taking the last 4-5 words from the last quote you have your Album name (every turn, in every guise is mine), lastly by going to flickr and hitting “last 7 days” the 3rd picture is your album photo to work with…. here is it.

and after playing for some time I came up with a couple of LP-covers. Check those puppies out.

  I kind of cheated on the last one and added a different picture a long with it… but hey, graphic design has never been about following to many rules.

Then there is our Fachkurs which is suppose to be a practical course. I’m taking “Natur to Abstrakt” and from what I understand (the explanation was in Deutsch) we are exploring abstract designs based off of nature. I’m really excited about this course because it is already what i’ve been exploring in my own work.

This is the odd part for me the Fachkurs (which I have not even started yet) is only 6 days long and thats it. I’m also not taking a seminar, none of them are in English so where it might be good to drown in German there would be no point for me to sit in class like a deer caught in headlights. So these 2 courses i’m taking are equivalent to 12 MCAD credits, how so…. your guess is as good as mine. Next week we also start the continuation of our language course which I am so excited for because I want to keep working at this Deutsch Sprache stuff. Language is so interesting!

Overall I’m looking forward to no tears this semester! Wahoo!

Gute Reise!


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